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Where to Buy Halloween Costumes in Seoul Korea


Halloween is rapidly approaching so if you want to make the most of it you better act fast and get a costume.

halloween masks seoulLast year I went out to a club in Gangnam and had a blast. The club was packed – there were people swamping the bar and hitting the dance-floor in pure ghoulish glee. Everyone was dressed up and looking spectacular. That is to say, everybody but me. I stuck out not wearing a costume that night even more than I do being a bald-headed white guy towering over the sea of Asians swarming through Seoul. While my friends were getting a lot of attention for their choice of attire, there was a no-fun-zone 5 feet in diameter all around me. I decided to right that wrong this year.

This year I decided to go out hunting for Halloween costumes in Seoul that would hit the club like shock and awe over Baghdad. But, to do so I needed to find a place to pick up a costume, and due to my tendency of starting everything late I needed to do it fast. Luckily, a couple of my friends already had it covered. My friends, who seem to have their shopping done long before I even remember there’s a holiday coming up, slid me a couple ideas for getting Halloween gear, and quickly. I made my way out this Saturday to both stores and both were well worth the trip.

The Halloween Store

First on the list is the Halloween Store. As I slid up line 4 I hit Sadang station and found my way to a large underground shop halloween-store-seoulfull of boxes and boxes of dusty costumes, wigs, and expats. The place was so jammed full of merchandise and people that at times it became hard to move around. There were probably over 100 different full-sized costumes in there, and countless wigs. There were a lot of toy swords, axes, brooms, and even Halloween decorations. If you’re looking for something to make your Halloween great, this place probably has it.

Here’s how to find it: Head to Sadang, leave out of exit 14, and walk straight until you get to a two way street on your left. Cross the street and turn left down the sidewalk. Take a right into your first alley way. The store is a few meters on your right. Hell, I’ll even throw in a map:


Joy’s Party

Joy’s party was next on my list. I continued up the Light Blue line and then transferred to continue on to Gangnam-gu office. joys partyWhen first leaving the station I had no idea where to find the place but it turned out to be much easier than I thought.

Compared to the Halloween Store, Joy’s Party was spotlessly clean, with decorations stacked neatly in their respective rows, and costumes on the other side of the store. While not the selection of the Halloween Store, there still were a tonne of costumes to chose from, as well as hats, costumes for kids, and even Hello Kitty balloons. There wig selection might have been larger than the selection at the Halloween store, and there were plenty of other nicknacks you would find at a party shop back home in the west.

gorilla mask seoulHow to find it: Like I said, this place was much easier to find than I thought. Head straight out of Gangnam-gu station exit 3. Continue on until you get to the first intersection. You should be able to see it on your left.

If you’re desperate to find a costume before Halloween there’s no need to stoop to shopping at eMart for your stuff. Even if you’re in a rush, there are two great stores that can set you up with what you need. All you really have to do is step out of your apartment and into the subway. Happy hunting!

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